As individuals we are strong. Together we accomplish the impossible.

At Porchlight MCG+, we’re a team of creative professionals that do one thing – create killer creative. We are not in the business of selling commodities, we are in the business of creating brand experiences. A brand is not a tangible product, but a feeling people get when they encounter your company. We write the story that evokes those feelings and creates that experience. Simplified, these are the core forms they resemble.

Identifying key brand attributes and aspirations to be reflected in the design process. Naming, trademark evaluation and development of other key brand identifiers. Validating strategic and design objectives through market research.

Integrating all elements of brand communication to reflect a common heritage, strategy and worldview. Insuring a consistent and seamless brand across all media and all audiences.

Corporate Identity
Creating concise visual metaphors that make brands both instantly memorable and timeless.

Retail and Packaging
Synthesizing all components of the consumer retail experience, including packaging and point-of-sale materials, to create a single, cohesive on-floor presence.

Creating advertising campaigns that honor brand values, deliver a message and stimulate a response.

Designing catalogs, brochures, direct mail, annual reports, promotions, corporate gifts and more.