With much anticipation, the annual report of privately held First National Bank of Arizona was distributed to investors today at a charity golf event. Porchlight’s design was a major departure from the organization’s previous efforts, calling for a new photoshoot at the bank’s newly constructed Scottsdale, AZ headquarters. The new format utilized a more contemporary look that gave a glimpse at where the company is heading and better highlighted the financials through clean and concise information architecture.

About First National Bank of Arizona: A brief history of the company starts with more than 30 years of successful banking and mortgage ventures of Chairman and CEO Ray Lamb in a half dozen states across the Southwest and Midwest. This most recent chapter starts with his acquisitions of First National Bank of Nevada in 1998 and a de novo First Bank of Arizona in 1999, which was renamed First National Bank of Arizona. Under Lamb’s leadership, the growth has been nothing short of remarkable – topping assets of approximately $2.5 Billion.