Washington State boutique winery, Zillah Estate has chosen Porchlight MCG+ to launch a major rebranding of the company and it’s holdings. As one of the last rogue vintners in the industry, founder Davis Morton’s label is synonymous with quality, value and most importantly, damn good wine. Porchlight will look to these Zillah Estate’s qualities when developing the company’s new brand standards and the final product will not only uphold them, but improve upon them leaving a great taste in the mouths of consumers and wholesalers alike.

About Zillah Estate: How did the name of Zillah Estate become interchangeable with irresistibility? In the early 1970s, when Europe’s claim to fame was the “best wines in the world,” founder Davis Morton’s dream was to create wines that would not only rival the greatest European wines, but the those from any region in the world. Turned out he wasn’t dreaming: In his first vintage, 1976, he produced 327 cases of Zillah Estate’s Dry Creek Zin that took first place in a prestigious San Francisco tasting. But despite the critical reviews and cult following, Zillah Estate remained a roving boutique until the late 1980s, when its Vintners Blend program was launched. Conceived on Davis’ conviction that, besides great wine, the world needs good, affordable wine — something like a lake of wine an inch deep.Type post body here