Last evening Porchlight MCG+ hosted a private party at our studio location with Jeffrey Hattrick (owner of Jeffrey’s Tea International) and a few of his closest friends and colleagues. Attendees excitedly looked on as, right before their eyes, we launched and officially introduced Jeffrey to the world of e-commerce.

“Let the composition of be an example of the exquisite design capabilities of Porchlight MCG+. For web design, print work, film, and more they can turn your conceptual dreams into a high tech reality. It is because of Porchlight MCG+ that this business came to be in the first place. Because of their foresight… is a reality. It has been an extreme joy to work with them and I could not have asked for a better team.”

In addition to a fully integrated backend e-commerce engine, the site also includes an automated calendar system which allows visitors to keep tabs on Jeffrey’s ever-changing schedule of tea events and personal appearances. Additionally, the site uses a combination of dynamically-generated pages and careful page caching policies to automatically switch between four completely unique color schemes throughout the year. If you visit the site during the autumn you’ll be treated to an orangish-brown motif throughout the site; if you visit during the winter you’ll see a frosty blue motif — and so on for the other seasons as well.