3370093689_0677df7774_bThey would have gotten a lot more millage by going all in with an 80s throwback instead of some weirdly attractive Fifty Shades of Hamburglar guy. Indisputable marketing fail. Here in comic book fandom, we’re used to the concept of the reboot. It happens every time sales dip on a book, with a brand new creative team, a collector’s edition number one issue, and a retooled character concept. Reboot fever has even crossed over into film, with movie and television franchise rebooting on a semi-regular basis. But in the world of fast food, reboots are a new concept. Perhaps that’s why McDonalds has done such a horrendous job rebooting beloved character The Hamburglar. Check out the new design for the beef-loving villain, which debuted today, above and in more detail over at Mashable.

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