Montelucia Resort and Spa of Paradise Valley, Arizona features a distinct ambiance influenced by the architecture and lifestyle of Andalusia in southern Spain. With a rich cultural history and influence from Roman, Greek and Moorish occupation, Andalusia lends a soulful and distinct flavor to the colors, architecture and décor of this luxury resort property. The impeccable attention-to-detail that sets the resort apart is found in the Alhambra walkway modeled after the Alhambra in Granada, Spain, the signature restaurant inspired by Michelangelo’s Villa San Michele in Tuscany, the wedding chapel representative of the ballroom at Hotel Cipriani in Venice, and in every sun-dappled courtyard and tucked-away antiquity sourced from Spain.

When it came to developing the resort’s brand and colalteral, the rich history that inspired the property and gave it such a unique flavor absolutely had to come through. Porchlight MCG+ researched the flavors of the Andalusia region and fused it with Paradise Valley style making some amazing results.

The materials utilized everything from original watercolor illustrations and heritage filigrees to custom papers and Spanish plaster textures photographed on site, all combining to create a truly original look that would ultimately define Montelucia Resort & Spa as a one-of-a-kind property in an already saturated marketplace.