Anyone that’s spent much time in Arizona knows that drive-in burger joints are big and Sonic Drive-In’s are the coolest. I mean seriously, they have girls on roller skates and over 168,000 drink combination’s… what’s not to love?

Arizona Restaurant Systems wanted to create a fully functional regional site for their 28 locations, Porchlight MCG+ delivered with a totally custom site build that reflected the same family friendly experience that customers expect from the great American drive-in. Building on the unique affection Sonic’s customers have for the brand, we leveraged those very consumers and solicited snapshots of them and their families interacting with the brand. The result? Pure Sonic love.

Aside from the obvious aesthetic design touches and brand positioning, the stuff that’s under the hoos is just as cool. The entire website is built over a user friendly CMS that allows the client to manage just about every aspect of the site from posting press releases and community news to happy hour specials and fundraising opportunities.

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