brian-terry-foudnationWe’re proud to announce that we just launched the official website for The Brian Terry Secure Border Project! Starting by creating a photographic logo mark that includes Brian Terry’s likeness, we worked to develop a strong, patriotic brand that lives up to Brian Terry’s legacy. We then applied that essence to the rest of the site, ensuring the message remained crystal clear and stood strong as a reminder of everything Brian Terry stood for. We’re happy to have played a part in shaping the identify of this great new foundation and are excited to see the kind of difference they make in righting so many wrong. Pop by and check the site out and let us know what you think!

About The Brian Terry Secure Border Project: The Brian Terry Secure Border Project seeks to honor Brian Terry’s legacy by supporting efforts and candidates who share Brian’s love of country, commitment to a safe and secure border, and respect for the rule of law. The project also supports efforts and candidates who stand for transparency and open government. The mistakes made by the Obama Administration and Attorney General Eric Holder, and the subsequent cover-up must never happen again. The Brian Terry Secure Border Project will support candidates and efforts that believe the use of law enforcement resources should be driven by public safety concerns and not the ideological whims of activists who would put lives at risk to further their agendas. The Brian Terry Secure Border Project supports candidates and efforts that support the Second Amendment. Learn more here»