Who We Are

We are possibility engineers. We are builders of brands, thinkers of ideas, makers of things, hunters of opportunity and bringers of change.

Founded in 1997 in Seattle, Washington, Porchlight MCG+ develops and delivers strategic creative services that empower our clients to advance their brands and increase revenues – efficiently, unmistakably and sustainably — all while ensuring absolute brand relevancy.

Unlike most agencies, our work is focused on our clients and not ourselves. Those other guys can have the silly design awards – we’re in it to make killer creative that helps our clients to be successful. The integrated communications strategies we conceive and the methods we employ vary in scope and application, but simplicity drives what we do. We are responsive and swift, simultaneously capable of applying brute force or a delicate touch on any initiative. However you measure the success of your enterprise, we can help you get there.

This may come as a surprise, but we don’t actually have an approach. Because an approach would mean each client isn’t all that unique. Our clients deserve more than some one-size fits all process that we put in some shitty PowerPoint to point at while telling you how we will fix your woes. Our approach can best be described as approachless. Put simply, it involves getting to know you and determining how success aligns with your desired outcome. Success of the project. Success in a relationship. Success on the bottom line. Regardless, we drive stakes into the ground versus waving our hands in the air. We’re all about getting stuff done and promise to never show you a PowerPoint.

Some clients come to us as start-ups looking for help from the ground up. Some have us jump in at some point along their marketing chain. Some simply require execution based on their existing strategy. For others, we are a Scottsdale-based, globally aware, full-service, marketing communications group that offers outside perspective and inside know-how.

Bottom line? We can do it all. Quickly, efficiently and expertly.

What We Do

We truly do pretty much anything and everything, but instead of a mind-numbingly long list of anything and everything, we’ve thoughtfully grouped what we do into four core service areas. Pretty much anything anyone might ask for falls into one of these areas, probably two or more, but we love a challenge, so if you’ve you’ve got a project that might break the mold, by all means, give us a shout!

what-we-do-inset-Brand-DevelopmentBrand Development

Brands are like people. They have a certain appearance and style. They speak in a certain tone of voice. And, they act a certain way. They all have a story to tell. These outward expressions project internal values and invite judgment from those who encounter them. People find these traits appealing or not so much and instinctively determine whether they will instigate or pursue a relationship beyond that first impression. Like people, brands have personalities. Friendly or unapproachable, trusting or skeptical, intelligent or uncaring, these qualities are evident when customers experience the brand.

Strategic Marketing

Strategy is about mapping back from the desired outcome. We focus with the same level of energy whether it’s a strategic marketing plan for your entire organization, a package, a website, an ad, business card or even a cocktail napkin. There must be a clear reason, that desired and measurable outcome, when we undertake a project. Rarely do we create materials for their own sake and always ask questions. Why are we doing this? How can we make it happen? Who is it really for? The first two are easy. The real challenge is the who which is why we help you to define and segment your targets so as to leverage our resources with the greatest efficiency.


Creative & Design

Delivering creative communications solutions to challenging opportunities is our true love. Every bit as solid as our strategic thinking, our creative services are all-encompassing – from initial concepts through execution in any medium: print, online, environmental, tradeshow, broadcast, TV, video and radio. As a core service area, our creative expertise and skill sets help our clients build, increase and leverage brand awareness, drive customer acquisition and maximize customer retention. Our award-winning art directors, graphic designers, web developers together have decades of combined experience in concept development, design and production throughout a wide range of creative applications including: branding, advertising, corporate collateral, communications layout, graphic design, interactive design and product packaging.


Web Design & Development

The web development team offers hand-crafted HTML or any number of modern content management systems like WordPress or Joomla to create an on-line presence that meets today’s needs with the ability to seize upon tomorrow’s opportunities. Responsive design, tools, e-commerce solutions, CRM, social media and full back-end integration. What truly sets PMCG+ apart in this area is the depth of ability and knowledge we bring to projects. When our Scottsdale-based team delivers a website, we design and develop for all users of the site: primary visitors, and also the client, so they’re empowered to use and control the site, not the other way around. We want your site to be easy to use, so that you’ll look forward to using it.

Who We’ve Done it For

Over the years we’ve been extremely fortunate to have partnered with some pretty amazing clients to work on some equally amazing brands across a variety of industries and geographies. From commercial and consumer businesses to political candidates and initiatives, we’ve done it all. Some of the top market leaders we’ve worked with included Starwood, The Ritz-Carlton, Sonic Drive-Ins, Playboy, Troon Golf, the San Fransisco Exchange, McLaren Scottsdale and many others. Below are a few select examples of our work to give you some idea of our capabilities and creative range.



Can a small, boutique design shop make a difference? We believe we can.

Since day one we’ve felt it’s important to give back to the very community that has made us successful and allowed us to thrive. We strive to do our part to give back and support the programs that affect those around us. PMCG+ gives 10% of our pre-tax income through cash donations and sponsorships, internal fundraisers, volunteer services and billable pro-bono hours. That’s significantly more than the industry average, but we’re significantly different than the average agency.

Selected non-profit and community organizations that we’ve supported include:



Join us in supporting Best Buddies Arizona at the Miwok 100k

Timothy Bolen is representing Best Buddies Arizona at the 21st Annual Miwok 100K Ultramarathon in Marin County this morning and Porchlight MCG+ is proud to be a part of his journey. We designed the one-of-a-kind VR7 racing kit Tim is wearing today and are excited to watch as he honors 63 courageous individuals, one for […]

LifeLock Courage Awards

Courage. Bravery. Guts. Those are just a few of the words that describe men and women demonstrating heroism in the face of adversity, conquering physical challenges and overcoming significant injury. While athletes triumph over individual obstacles, they share a common spirit – a spirit to rise above harsh difficulties, and to persevere and achieve their […]

Cerulean Progressive Athletic Training & Wellness

We’re happy to present our latest website build for an exciting new Scottsdale business, Cerulean Progressive Athletic Training and Wellness. Cerulean is the nation’s first independent center offering a wide range of state-of-the-art modalities that promote and enable the human body’s under tapped physiological ability to Prepare Better, Perform Harder, Recover Faster and Be Stronger. Cerulean will be opening very soon, so […]

2015 Bentley Scottsdale Polo Championships Spot

The Fifth Annual Bentley Scottsdale Polo Championships: Horses & Horsepower is almost here and we’re excited as ever to be a part of this amazing event! We just completed a new .30 second commercial spot, so if you haven’t yet seen it around the valley, here it is:

Best Buddies Arizona 2015 Spirit of Friendship Gala

We’re once again thrilled to be working with the wonderful people of Best Buddies Arizona on their annual Spirit of Friendship Gala. The theme for this years event is ‘Back to the ’80s’ which was perfect for us since, well, we’re from the ’80s 🙂 The name of course lent itself to doing something with a Back to the […]

Ritz-Carlton, Phoenix: End of an Era

It’s the end of an era as the Ritz-Carlton, Phoenix hotel closes its doors tomorrow, shuttering the regal property at 24th Street and Camelback Road. And to usher out the grand dame, a landmark since 1988. We worked extensively with the Ritz-Carlton, Phoenix to develop some highly successful regional marketing materials that were previously unheard of in […]

Scottsdale Mayor Jim Lane in 2016

Scottsdale Mayor Jim Lane is seeking a third and final term in 2016, so we made him a website to make his announcement and get his campaign rolling. Let’s do this, Mayor Lane! “I have led our community, with the help of citizens and city council, from trying times to better times. Now and for […]

TapHouse Kitchen

We just finished an extensive remodel of TapHouse Kitchen’s website – check it out and then go visit them for happy hour which BTW is 7-days a week 🙂 taphousekitchen.com

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